Duo with Martín Sued

Martín Sued is a bandoneonist, composer and arranger, one of the most outstanding Argentine instrumentalists of his generation. As a composer, he has stood out for renewing the bandoneon repertoire, the tango protagonist instrument, present in the folklore and identity of Argentine music. Martín Sued’s compositions have a playful character with contemporary tones and multiple influences, but with a clear root in the popular music of his country. He has been leading since 2007 the Tatadios Quartet, which has edited two albums: “Crecida” (2009) and “Panal” (2013). He also integrates Chiche Trio (with Sergio Verdinelli and Juan Pablo di Leone) and the duo Sued – Nikitoff, both having released in 2016 the albums “Chiche” and “Sued-Nikitoff” respectively. Recently Martín released his first album of a solo bandoneón project “Iralidad”, already presented in the United States, Germany,  Netherlands, Brazil, Paraguay and  Argentina. Sued has collaborated in concerts or recordings on projects with artists such as Guillermo Klein, Quique Sinesi, Yamandu Costa, Seamus Blake, Diego Schissi, Silvia Irriondo, Jairo e Liliana Herrero, Magic Malik, Mono Fontana, among others.

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