Oi Elis (2008)

A fresh voice, a heartening tribute and the conviction to be in the presence of a great piece of work! “Oi Elis” is one of those records, the first album of Portuguese singer Susana Travassos, a beautiful tribute to the work and music of another great artist, Elis Regina. It brings us deliciously new readings of great songs, songs that we heard so many times, but which are now reborn in such an elegant and captivating way that you can’t help falling in love for this record at the first hearing. 

Having lived most part of her live in a small town in the southern border with Spain, one can clearly feel the influences of flamenco (Andalusian) guitar in this record. With a bit of Fado and a bit of Argentinean accordion – evoking Piazzolla – her songs make us rethinking the original themes through the eyes of all these musical potentialities. While digging into the soul of this project one recognizes the great kaleidoscope of influences and cultures whish are skillfully mastered by Susana and her musicians, to be then returned to us in so many shapes and colors for us to taste them with those new flavors prepared by the singer. 

 “Oi Elis” was produced by Rob Curto (accordionist from New York) and Ricardo Gouveia (guitar player from Angola).   “Formosa”, “20 anos blues”, the impressive “O que tinha de ser” (what it had to be) and “Retrato em branco e preto” (portrait in black and white) are only some of the highlights of a record whish doesn’t last longer than half an hour but is already one of this year’s top records.

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