Pássaro Palavra (2019)

“PÁSSARO PALAVRA” was recorded in Buenos Aires under Alan Plachta’s direction, with a list of her original compositions and unpublished songs by Luísa Sobral, Melody Gardot and Mili Vizcaíno. In this album, Susana is surrounded by some of the best musicians in activity in Argentina, including Tiki Cantero (percussion), Paula Pomeraniec (cello), William Rubino (violin), Mariano Malamud (viola), Nacho Amil (piano), Gonzalo Fuertes (double bass), Santiago Arias (bandoneon) and producer Alan Plachta (guitars). As a guest, the album has the arranger and pianist Diego Schissi, one of the most celebrated names of the new generation of Argentinian music. Pássaro Palavra has a contemporary sound, a proper identity that joins fado, latin American music and tango, all Susana’s influences, and transform it into the universal jazz language. Pássaro Palavra certainly puts Susana Travassos among the leading Portuguese singers of her generation.

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