“As I watched and listened to Susana singing, I felt an overwhelming sense of strength and sweetness combined. As if this young woman could carry the ancestry of all the women in the world within herself” 

Ana Terra – Composer

“Susana’s own soul seems to rise when she sings. And she serves the song, not the vanity of being a singer.” 

Tiago Torres da Silva – Composer

“Susana is a very sensitive singer. Her singing is clean and intense. She sings her own village and this makes her sound universal.” 

Zeca Baleiro – Musician, composer

“Susana Travassos performed an absolutely exceptional concert in Bogota. Her interpretations have shown her versatility, originality and the certainty that she does not represent canons. Susana has her own voice. She does not imitate. Does not follow. She does not want to be the next or someone’s heiress. She treads her own way with an extremely secure voice. With no flaws.”

Pedro Rapoula – Cultural Manager

Susana Travassos, portuguese singer, songwriter born in the south of Portugal, Algarve, has been gaining international prestige for the past few years, conquered admirers, an audience of followers and the press’ respect. She has been touring in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Congo, South Korea and performed alongside artists such as Yamandu Costa, Toninho Horta, Chico Pinheiro, Jean Charnaux, Luis Felipe Gama, Carlos Aguirre, Quique Sinesi, Martin Sued, Chico Cesar and Zeca Baleiro. 

She began her professional career in 2008 with a CD in tribute to the Brazilian singer Elis Regina. This CD received praise from critics and audiences for the originality of the arrangements and interpretations and took her to Brazil in 2009 to perform alongside Brazilian singer Zeca Baleiro. A trip that lasted for 8 years and resulted in a deep relation with the country where she was been carrying out an important contact between the culture of Portugal and Brazil. 

Her second album,Tejo-Tietê (2013 / Delira Música), is a partnership with the Brazilian composer and guitarist Chico Saraiva, in which both artists interpret compositions by Chico Saraiva and known Brazilian and Portuguese standards. 

After years of wandering through MPB and having become one of her most respected singers and performers in Brazil, Susana Travassos recorded her third album “Pássaro Palavra” a work that demonstrates – beyond any doubt – what her musical heritage is: Latin America. It is therefore not surprising that Travassos passes from Brazil to Argentina without forgetting its Algarve roots. Can a world record be deeply local? It can: and there is no problem with that. (Pedro Rapoula)

“PÁSSARO PALAVRA” currently on tour, was recorded in Buenos Aires under Alan Plachta’s direction, with a list of her original compositions and unpublished songs by Luísa Sobral, Melody Gardot and Mili Vizcaíno. In this album, Susana is surrounded by some of the best musicians in activity in Argentina, including Tiki Cantero (percussion), Paula Pomeraniec (cello), William Rubino (violin), Mariano Malamud (viola), Nacho Amil (piano), Gonzalo Fuertes (double bass), Santiago Arias (bandoneon) and producer Alan Plachta (guitars). As a guest, the album has the arranger and pianist Diego Schissi, one of the most celebrated names of the new generation of Argentinian music. 

Pássaro Palavra has a contemporary sound, a proper identity that joins fado, latin American music and tango, all Susana’s influences, and transform it into the universal jazz language. Pássaro Palavra certainly puts Susana Travassos among the leading Portuguese singers of her generation. 

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