Pássaro Palavra

“PÁSSARO PALAVRA” was recorded in Buenos Aires under Alan Plachta’s direction, with a list of her original compositions and unpublished songs by Luísa Sobral, Melody Gardot and Mili Vizcaíno. In this album, Susana is surrounded by some of the best musicians in activity in Argentina, including Tiki Cantero (percussion), Paula Pomeraniec (cello), … (read more)


CD of a voice and a guitar, that results from the partnership between the composer Chico Saraiva and the portuguese singer Susana Travassos. A conversation between the rivers of Lisbon and São Paulo that intersperses compositions by Chico Saraiva and classics from both countries.It features the musical production of Paulo Bellinati … (read more)

Oi Elis

A fresh voice, a heartening tribute and the conviction to be in the presence of a great piece of work! “Oi Elis” is one of those records, the first album of Portuguese singer Susana Travassos, a beautiful tribute to the work and music of another great artist, Elis Regina. It brings us deliciously new readings of great songs, songs that we heard … (read more)

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