Tejo-Tietê (2013)

CD of a voice and a guitar, that results from the partnership between the composer Chico Saraiva and the portuguese singer Susana Travassos. A conversation between the rivers of Lisbon and São Paulo that intersperses compositions by Chico Saraiva and classics from both countries.It features the musical production of Paulo Bellinati, one of the greatest guitarists in Brazil.

 “It is the active voice of composers and poets, of today and not long ago, Portugal and Brazil, which is heard in “Tejo-Tietê” by the voice of Susana Travassos, a voice of ancestral lunar charms, and through the guitar of Chico Saraiva, where Villa Lobos, João Gilberto and Fado are fused with extreme care. And it takes no more than a voice and a guitar to carry, in smooth interweave the entire complex plot of two distinct singing worlds, united more in the attraction for difference than in the similarity of personalities. Sadness, that so feared and adored place of lack and longing, emphasizes the disc and guides the confluence of these two rivers so distant: and it is exactly the distance that unites us, because what we are is also distance. “Tejo-Tietê” is a record that understands this: and to understand this is to understand the sea.”
JP Simões (Portuguese singer and songwriter)

“Tejo-Tietê mixes sound sources from there with those from here, united by ancestral melancholy, for the precise sailing through fado heritage and of bossa nova, between the erudite and the popular. These are differences mirror, a sea of unique beauty.”
Lauro Lisboa Garcia in State of São Paulo

“Chico Saraiva’s Brazilian guitar and Portuguese singer Susana Travassos, flow together, beautifully when singing the poetics of rivers. Delicate, blunt, it varies between own songs and names like Elomar and Villa Lobos.”

“Chico and Susana’s meeting is in line with noble intentions. The art produced by them is a delicacy of great sophistication and beautiful result. Music brings together countries with deep ties but with very different characteristics. Thus, artists promote the cultural bridge that no embassy policy would be able.”

“It is an amazing exercise of intimacy. Music, in contrast of much that is heard today, is privileged. And everything with very good taste. And the song “Tejo”, contemplative and profound mystic … “
José Peixoto


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