Fado Concert

Fado, known and adored all over the world is one of the most important artistic expressions of Portugal, an unavoidable trace of its identify. From the beginning of her career, Susana Travassos has always wanted to establish links between Fado and other music styles within cultures. During the 8 years she lived in Brazil, the distance from Portugal brought her even closer to Fado and the need to sing it, hence creating this project “Fado y Otras Cositas Mas” that traveled through many Latin American countries on stages such as the legendary Teatro Solis in Montevideo, the principal auditorium of the Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires, the Jorge Eliecer Gaintan Theatre in Bogotá among many others. In the repertoire, traditional and contemporary Fados interspersed with some Latin American songs, always accompanied by the portuguese guitar and the 7-string guitar typical of Brazilian music. Susana presents a work where she delves deeply into her roots that has matured along with her close relationship with Brazil. Spending her time between both countries, this special artist makes this bridge an inexhaustible source of creation and musically transcends borders.


El Tiempo (Colombia): ‘El fado es el vehículo de la nostalgia’: Susana Travassos (2016)


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